Ex-prisoner shot dead in Carenage, sister blames bad parenting for crime

The fisherman's licence of Ken
The fisherman's licence of Ken "Boy Boy" Isaac who was shot dead in Carenage on January 3. -

THE SISTER of Ken “Boy Boy” Isaac, who was shot dead at his home in Carenage, is blaming bad parenting for her brother’s death.

Residents near Big Yard in Carenage reported hearing gunshots shortly after midnight on Wednesday.

Reports say a gunman entered Isaac’s small seaside home and shot him while he was in bed.

Isaac ran out of the house in a bid to escape and collapsed in his backyard near the seashore.

Police responded and found Isaac’s nude body on the ground with several gunshot wounds.

Speaking with journalists gathered outside his home, relatives said Isaac had spent 16 years in jail after becoming involved with bad elements.

According to one relative, Isaac found himself in a life of crime as he had no parents around to teach him otherwise.

“Well, you know when you young and you have no parents, you does thief and hustle and thing so he used to thief plenty.”

His sister, who said she had been forced to care for herself at the age of 12, explained they both experienced difficulties growing up because of not having their parents around.

A relative holds the fisherman's licence of Ken "Boy Boy" Isaac near one of his fishing boats in Carenage.
A relative holds the fisherman's licence of Ken "Boy Boy" Isaac near one of his fishing boats in Carenage. - Photo by Roger Jacob

“He was on the wrong path because of bad parenting. He didn't have no mother, he didn't have no father to really bring him up the right way. So, it lead him to a life that everybody know what it's all about.”

Relatives said despite his turbulent past, Isaac decided after his release from jail and the death of his oldest son, to turn his life around.

They said he was learning to read and write as he wanted to “better his life.”

“He asked me to bring some books and pencils for him. He came out and he changed his life. He said to me, ‘I'm not going to do no crime again. I go fish, I go do my little hustle in fishing.’ He was willing to learn and do things.”

His family said they are unsure what would have led to his death as he had already given up that lifestyle and was never involved in anything other than theft.

Isaac’s sister said he was “very ignorant and arrogant” because of his inability to read and write but described him as a loving person.

“He is a fisherman. He sells roast fish, flowers, fowl and ducks and minds dogs too. In his spare time he is a hustler. He was a thief but was never a rapist or a murderer or anything to say somebody want to kill him for?”

His sister said parents in Trinidad and Tobago are continuing to fail their children by not teaching them about God and how to pray adding this is why crime is spiralling out of control.

“We're not teaching our children about fearing God, we're not teaching our children about love. A lot of people making children and having them all over the place and expect the world to raise them…and this is the outcome of the lifestyle.”

She said the consequences of bad parenting are affecting the country daily and urged parents to train their children and play an active role in their lives.

“Look what's going on today. Nobody cares no more. People fear to go out. I don't know what's going on in this country. I don't know why a life is so easy to take.”

“We have to take care of we children because when you don't take care of them the streets going to take care of them and what you expect when they go on the street. What you expect when the street take them. You're not getting nothing from that…because it's the streets. It have nothing good in the streets.”


"Ex-prisoner shot dead in Carenage, sister blames bad parenting for crime"

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