Political overtones even in tourism

THA Chief Secretary Farley Augustine - David Reid
THA Chief Secretary Farley Augustine - David Reid

THE EDITOR: The tourism sector in Tobago is the avenue that absolutely cannot be ignored. It can ensure the perfect driveway to true autonomy. There can be no guessing games. I do not live in Tobago but at this point in time, Trinidadian citizens are also beholden to central government for financial assistance when necessary.

I will say it again. Only a two-year-old expects to get toys by throwing tantrums.

Our tourism sector, and particularly Tobago, appears to be at the mercy of the transport players. First it was the TT Airline Pilots Association (TTALPA) allegedly staging a sick-out over 2015-2018 wage negotiations in August.

This cost local airline CAL billions of dollars because of cancelled flights. Call that trillions of future dollars lost because of disgruntled passengers who will never return to TT.

Close behind we recently had the Tobago maxi-taxi drivers embarrassing themselves and innocent tourists over unpaid fees. The cruise ship visitors were literally left standing. Disgusting is too kind a word.

Next we have the Chief Secretary of the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) attempting to "pull style" on the central government. He will sue until he gets exactly what he wants for Tobago? Who will be paying the lawyers presenting the THA? Central government?

Let us not mince words. In TT we have a history of court cases lasting ten years. So, will it now be 210 years to full Tobago autonomy?

The following is pure personal speculation but should the Prime Minister's recent visit to Saudi Arabia bear handsome political fruit, some Saudi millionaire business visitors to TT sounds like the ultimate financial fruit cake.

Can you just imagine those huge Qatar jets regularly landing in TT?

Will every visit to possible financial stakeholders out there in foreign point to which political party is capable of winning general election 2025?

The political connotations are toxic, even as we speak because of the unresolved crime talks.

PNM or UNC in 2025? Who will be eating cake?


Diego Martin


"Political overtones even in tourism"

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