Short-sighted support by Caricom

Nicolás Maduro -
Nicolás Maduro -

THE EDITOR: The Venezuelan claim for the last 100 years and more to the territory of Essequibo cannot be resolved by international organisations that were created by the imperial West to serve the interests of the West.

Britain’s former colony of Guyana will soon learn, as Israel is now learning, that times are now changing. If the West could not remove Hugo Chavez from power in Venezuela, despite every effort that was made to do so, and if Nicolás Maduro still rules over Venezuela, it is primarily because Venezuela has the support of an Orthodox Christian Russia which is now the dominant military power in the world.

The manifestly short-sighted Caricom support for Guyana in the matter of the territorial dispute with Venezuela will soon become apparent when recognition dawns that Western gunboat diplomacy and endless economic sanctions against Venezuela will not save Guyana from a spectacular political and economic defeat in its foolish confrontation with Venezuela.

Caricom will eventually recognise that Essequibo and Ukraine are similar since, eventually, it is direct negotiations between the two parties to the dispute that would yield the best results.



"Short-sighted support by Caricom"

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