Patient, guard brawl at Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex

File photo  - Photo by Marvin Hamilton
File photo - Photo by Marvin Hamilton

RELATIVES of accident and emergency patients at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex, Mt Hope, were ordered to leave the treatment area after a brawl between a patient and a security guard on Monday afternoon.

CEO of the North Central Regional Health Authority (NCRHA) Davlin Thomas confirmed this to Newsday.

Thomas said he understood a female patient kept exiting and re-entering the patient care area and the male security guard on duty asked her what was going on.

This led to a heated argument loaded with obscenities, and the woman began beating the guard with his own baton.

He eventually retrieved it, but she then picked up a "Wet Floor" sign and resumed hitting him.

Thomas said he was told "the patient remained irate and continued verbal outrage after the sign was also taken from her."

He said the woman then threatened the guard, saying: "This is not the end."

She made a phone call and eight men showed up at the ramp to back her up.

Thomas said the hospital's internal task force responded immediately and the police arrived within ten minutes.

The police "had to cordon off the area and they left with all the individuals."

One eyewitness told Newsday the guard was telling the patient she was smelling badly.

"The security guard started insulting her and she and him had a cuss-out...

"A bunch of police showed up and they announced in the mic (for) all relatives of patients to get out."

The eyewitness said all relatives were told to go into the waiting area and were told they would have to wait at least two hours before being able to re-enter.

It is uncertain whether anyone was charged.


"Patient, guard brawl at Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex"

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