WCPL set for prime time in 2024, CPL launches new logos

The new CPL and WCPL logos - courtesy CPL
The new CPL and WCPL logos - courtesy CPL

IN an effort to continue reinventing themselves the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) launched a new logo for the 2024 men's and women's tournament and in addition to that, will play the Massy Women's CPL (WCPL) separately, giving the women's cricketers a chance to stand out on their own.

The latest plans were announced during a media conference at the Brix Hotel in Cascade, Port of Spain on Thursday.

During the launch, CPL CEO Pete Russell said in 2024 the WCPL will not be played simultaneously with the men's tournament. "The difference is the women will play on their own," Russell said. "They are not going to play with the men. They are going to have a separate tournament and I think that is the start of a very important process so they are recognised in their own right."

Russell said the women will play more prime-time matches. "We will have 7 pm games for the women so everyone could come enjoy." In 2023 most of the WCPL matches were played during the day.

Women's cricket is still considered a growing sport in the world with fans not turning up to matches like they do for men's matches. Russell said sufficient marketing must be done to ensure more fans attend women's matches.

"I think if you look at the (women's) tournament in 2023...the quality was so much greater than the first year. I think people saw that, a lot of people were surprised by that and I think it is only going to get better...our job is to market them and you could rest assured that we won't leave any stone unturned."

The new logo has some similarities to the last one with many bright colours. Both the Republic Bank CPL and the Massy WCPL have identical logos.

Speaking about the new logo, Russell said, "Since the first ball was bowled way back in 2013 we have been delighted that Caribbean fans around the region have truly embraced CPL. We've reflected over the past few months on what we have achieved over the last 11 years and we felt that it was time the logo had a refresh."

Russell said the CPL wants the new logo to "capture more of the vibrancy of the Caribbean without losing the essence of the brand."

Also speaking during the launch were Republic Bank Ltd vice-president P. Vic Salickram and acting vice-president of marketing and communications at Massy Stores Candace Ali.


"WCPL set for prime time in 2024, CPL launches new logos"

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