Tobago police urge caution during Christmas season

File photo/David Reid
File photo/David Reid

With Christmas approaching, the police are encouraging safety “now and beyond.”

Speaking on the Tobago Updates morning show on Monday, acting Insp Kathlyn Sterling said road safety remains of paramount importance.

She said a lot of people were going to Christmas parties and "consuming alcohol and drugs," and the police were asking people not to drink and drive.

"If you know you’re drinking, have a designated driver to take you. We’re asking persons to maybe carpool when they’re going out so that they can return home safely. We’re asking you, if you’re going to an event, leave home earlier than the time, so that you don’t have to be rushing to get there.”

She said in terms of shopping, people should be aware of their surroundings at all times.

“Try to use cashless transactions as much as possible. While we’re using our cards, be aware of our surroundings – ensure that our cards aren’t out of our sight, ensure that when we’re putting in our PIN numbers no one is around, no one is seeing the numbers that we’re punching in.”

She added: “Ladies, even men, when we are shopping, ensure that our bags are closed, that we do not provide opportunities for thieves to snatch our bags.

"If someone bumps into you, don’t take it for granted that it was accidentally. Check your belongings immediately to ensure that you still have your valuables and items within the bag.”

Belongings left in vehicles, she said, should be put in the trunk and not in full view, and people should also ensure that they park in well-lit areas.


"Tobago police urge caution during Christmas season"

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