Venezuela instals Essequibo governor

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro.  -
Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro. -

Despite a direct order from the International Court of Justice not to interfere with the borders between Venezuela and Guyana, President Maduro has claimed the Essequibo region as part of Venezuela and announced a governor of the region, Maj Gen Alexis Rodriguez Cabello.

A Kaieteur News report said Maduro also announced a new high commission for the defence of Guyana and activated a debate in the National Assembly to approve the Organic Law for the Defence of Guayana Esequiba, which Maduro said would give rise to the implementation of the Venezuelan referendum.

Maduro has also said the oil companies currently operating in the Essequibo have three months to move out, and has instructed the state oil company PDVSA and the Venezuelan Corpration of Guyana to proceed with granting licences for oil, gas and mining exploration.

Maduro also intends to create a defensive zone of the region, with three areas of integral development and 28 development sectors.


"Venezuela instals Essequibo governor"

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