WI selectors should all resign or be fired

Darren Bravo  -
Darren Bravo -

THE EDITOR: I call for the immediate resignation or dismissal of the Cricket West Indies selection panel. And while this has been brought about due to the Darren Bravo issue, it is not that per se, but for the selectors' dereliction of duty.

The selectors are selected to select the best team possible for the West Indian public, not for themselves or the country to which they belong. They are aided in this process by regional competitions. They are not like football administrators who can scout and find players who they believe can perform in the structure available. No, there is a structure that gives rise to the West Indies cricket team's selection. A dereliction of duty occurs in any company when the structure and processes that are given for the success of the company are violated by the employees, often leading to their dismissal.

Bravo’s non-selection is a gross dereliction of duty and should lead to resignations or dismissals. Bravo’s average in One-Day Internationals is better that everyone on the chosen team who has played more than 25 matches, save for Shai Hope, and only two of those selected have a better average.

In 2021 in the Super50, Bravo’s average was the best at 65 per cent, in 2022 he was second in runs scored at an average of 48 per cent, and this year he topped both runs scored and the batting average, better than every single member of the team selected. Hence, the only argument for non-selection is some unknown bias or a dereliction of duty by the selectors.

In their defence the head of selectors, Desmond Haynes, said Bravo was omitted because of his age. What Haynes is saying is that Bravo will not be allowed to work again, his earnings would be cut. This is a young man who is back at the top of his game and is being retired by a policy that is in the head of an insular selection committee.

In any job, anywhere in the world, performance more or less will help in keeping one’s job. Bravo’s performance didn’t help his cause, they said he was too old at 34, while Ottley at 33 is selected, and he didn’t perform as well Bravo.

At present some of the world’s best batsmen are over 34, including Virat Kholi, Rohit Sharma, David Warner, Steve Smith, among others. Haynes is one of the batsmen whose batting average improved when he passed 34. Others include Clive Lloyd, Inzamam ul Haq, Don Bradman, Graham Gooch.

The selectors should resign now or be fired immediately for a dereliction of duty.


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"WI selectors should all resign or be fired"

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