Needed: 30fire tenders

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THE EDITOR: Fleet management requires at least one fire tender per station, less than five years old. The present 12-15 units are older than five years.

Some of the 25 stations will require two tenders, less than five years old – Mayaro, Roxborough, Scarborough, Port of Spain, San Fernando, Point Fortin, Penal, Santa Cruz and Sangre Grande.

Hence there is an immediate need for 30 units. And to maintain the number of less than five years old, six units annually or 12 units biannually.

Buying in bulk means that spare parts can be readily available with better support from the manufacturer. Buying in bulk directly from the manufacturer eliminates the middleman, aka agent, and results in a cheaper price.

But there is no purchase order for buying the 30 to create the initial base. And there is no policy to buy the recurrent six annually? The current tender is for two – Penal and Point Fortin – and they are expected in late 2024/25.

Does anyone understand fleet management?


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"Needed: 30fire tenders"

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