Terry Rondon dies

File photo: 'Terry' Rondon.
File photo: 'Terry' Rondon.

Long-standing former Toco councillor Terry Rondon has died.

His daughter Josanne Rondon told Newsday he died on Tuesday of a heart attack. She said he had just returned from physical therapy and complained of feeling unwell.

“He was cold-sweating, and his body was heavy. He couldn't come out of the car. He asked us to put him on the bed, and when we did, my mother realised that something was wrong.
“We called the ambulance, and they told us what to do, but by the time they came, that was it.”

Many people have already begun expressing condolences on social media.

Local Government Minister Faris Al-Rawi described Rondon as a community champion saying, “His leadership went beyond numbers and victories; it changed lives for the better.”

Rondon, a former chairman of the Sangre Grande Regional Corporation, was a PNM member.
Al-Rawi added, “Terry's wisdom transcended party lines, guiding and shaping destinies. In power, he stood unwavering, symbolising dedication to cherished principles.

Beyond politics, Terry was a true community man, offering a helping hand and inspiration in times of need.”
He said Rondon was “generous to the core” and his actions “spoke volumes.”

His legacy, Al-Rawi said, “endures in the lives he touched and the spirit of service he exemplified – a giant whose impact transcends the confines of time.”

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"Terry Rondon dies"

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