Duke wants to build cathedral in Roxborough

Progressive Democratic Patriots political leader Watson Duke  -
Progressive Democratic Patriots political leader Watson Duke -

PROGRESSIVE Democratic Patriots (PDP) political leader Watson Duke says he intends to build a large cathedral in his electoral district of Roxborough/Argyle.

At a news conference at the party’s headquarters, Port Mall, Scarborough, Duke said the Ethiopian Orthodox church is funding the project, which will include a tertiary-level institute.

The cathedral, he added, is part of his City of Roxborough initiative.

“Very soon, we expect to get that going,” he told reporters.

“Right now, we are in talks with the Ethiopian Orthodox Church personnel in building a cathedral in Roxborough.”

Saying the cost of construction will be revealed at a later date, Duke said he is trying to identify available land.

“Once the lands are identified, I am going to write to the Chief Secretary (Farley Augustine), because he has acquiesced to the fact that I should still see what I can do with regard to bringing in some foreign investment with my connections...and my ability to get people to do things.”

He said Augustine would advise him to write to the Land Management Division, Ministry of Agriculture Lands & Fisheries.

“So again, the executive is aware of what we are doing.”

Duke said the project will create employment in the district.

He added the cathedral will also contain a university teaching the Ethiopian Orthodox doctrine, among other things.

“So people will come from all over the Caribbean, perhaps the world. So we will have education tourism coming from that. It is one of the things I am working on right now.”

Duke said he is also planning a trip to the Middle East for Christmas or early in the new year to garner support for the City of Roxborough.

“The City of Roxborough is not just Roxborough. It is all of Tobago.”

He said the district has been selected as the site because of the availability of state lands.

“The local representative of the Ethiopian Church and I have been in talks for some time, and we expect that very soon, we will be in a position to identify lands.”

Duke believes Augustine will approve the site once it is selected.

“He will accept because he is a forward-thinking man, though some of his ideas may be contrary at times.”


"Duke wants to build cathedral in Roxborough"

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