Petit Valley man murdered in home invasion

Police car - File photo
Police car - File photo

Residents of Queen Elizabeth Avenue, Petit Valley, where Tafari Charles, 25, was killed by gunmen in a botched home invasion on Thursday night, are again calling for the dead-end street to be walled off from the Diego Martin Highway.

Footage captured by residents showed the suspected gunmen walking along the street, which runs perpendicular to the highway.

Residents were first notified of the incident through the community WhatsApp chat after neighbours heard the gunshots.

Newsday understands Charles heard a noise in the yard and opened the door.

The gunmen forced their way into the house, stole jewellery and then shot Charles before escaping.

Several residents say this is the first time they have experienced this type of crime on their quiet street.

They now fear for their safety, as the street is used as a thoroughfare by pedestrians. It is one of a few in the area which does not have a wall separating it from the highway.


"Petit Valley man murdered in home invasion"

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