Let's work to empower, protect our children

Rushton Paray - ...
Rushton Paray - ...

THE EDITOR: We observed World Children's Day yesterday, so allow me to draw attention to a matter of utmost urgency and gravity that concerns the future of our nation – the welfare of our children.

World Children's Day is not just a celebration, it is a poignant reminder under this year's theme, "For Every Child, Every Right!"

It calls upon us to reflect on the challenges our children face, particularly the disturbing and escalating issue of violence against them.

In TT, recent statistics paint a troubling picture of the risks our children encounter daily. These numbers are not mere data points; they represent real lives, shattered dreams, and jeopardised futures.

The increasing incidence of violence against children in our communities is a stark call to action. It is our collective duty, as a nation, to protect our youngest and most vulnerable citizens. Let us pledge to take decisive and concrete steps toward creating a safer and more nurturing environment for our children.

This commitment requires a unified approach. The government, communities, families, and individuals must work together to combat violence and ensure that every child in TT can grow up in a world where they are safe, respected and valued.

We must employ strategies that engage our communities in vigilance, educate our people on child rights and safety, strengthen reporting mechanisms for violence, collaborate closely with law enforcement, and provide robust support systems for victims.

Our children are not just the future of TT; they are the present, the very heart of our nation. Let's guide, protect and empower them. Let's renew our commitment to making a real, lasting change in the lives of our children. They deserve a world where their rights are not only acknowledged but actively upheld.

For every child in our beautiful nation, let us ensure they have every right to a life filled with safety, health and prosperity. This is not just a promise, it is our duty. Together, let's build a TT where every child is cherished, protected and empowered to reach their full potential.


MP, Mayaro


"Let's work to empower, protect our children"

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