Rise against abuse, harm of children

- Photo courtesy Pixabay
- Photo courtesy Pixabay

THE EDITOR: For the past 69 years, World Children’s Day has been celebrated universally (every November 20). Recent events, both globally and in TT, show that much must still be done to safeguard children, and their right to safety, protection, life and childhood. Without the steadfast co-operation of governments and those directly responsible for the protection of children, such as parents, guardians and the public, children’s rights will fall behind.

We urge the public of TT to rise against violence against children by starting within the family unit. The majority of calls made to ChildLine between January and September were related to family dynamics and mental health and psychosocial well-being issues.

There is a desperate need to address poor family dynamics and parent-child communication that is present within our nation’s homes, as these issues have been shown to have devastating consequences for the lives of children and youths.

Under the 2023 World Children’s Day theme of “Every Right, For Every Child,” ChildLine will continue our mission toward a TT where the rights of children and youths are respected, and where they live in an environment free from all forms of abuse, harm and neglect.


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"Rise against abuse, harm of children"

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