Cheyenne, Chayton tackle the big waves

Cheyenne Patino-Ubeda surfs at Mt Irvine Bay, Tobago. - Bhajan Sport Photo.
Cheyenne Patino-Ubeda surfs at Mt Irvine Bay, Tobago. - Bhajan Sport Photo.

CHILDREN usually run away from big waves in the sea, but Cheyenne Patino-Ubeda and her brother Chayton run towards them.

The siblings are surfers from Tobago and the excitement of the ocean keeps the pair busy.

Cheyenne, 11, started competing first, but Chayton, nine, is also now showing his potential in the sport.

Cheyenne said she was inspired to try surfing after trips to the beach with her parents Lamani Patino-Ubeda and Gregory Ubeda.

Cheyenne Patino-Ubeda, 11, has travelled to many countries to surf. - Bhajan Sport Photo.

"My family and I would go on the beach often. I would see the surfers in the water and I wanted to try it, so I asked my dad and he said 'alright.' He took me to a surfing instructor, that's when my surfing journey started," Cheyenne told Newsday Kids.

It did not take long for Cheyenne to know she had a passion for the sport.

"The first wave I took (surfed) I instantly fell in love with surfing."

Chayton likes the water and seeing his sister being so brave was the only encouragement he needed.

Chayton Patino-Ubeda shows off his skills in surfing. - Bhajan Sport Photo.

He said, "I got into surfing at four years old. I was able to feel comfortable as I was a good swimmer already. I saw my sister surf and I wanted to try. Since then I've been surfing as often as possible."

Cheyenne and Chayton are not scared of big waves.

"I took a nine-foot wave at Mt Irvine Beach (in Tobago). I'm always waiting for big swells because I love riding big waves," Chayton said.

Cheyenne admitted she gets scared at times, but still shows the courage.

"The biggest wave I took was in El Salvador. It was ten feet. It felt amazing, scary and exciting. I was stoked."

Cheyenne has already competed in El Salvador, Martinique, Guadeloupe, France and Spain. Chayton has not participated in surfing tournaments outside of TT yet, but wants to do so next year.

The Patino-Ubeda siblings know it is important to know how to swim.

Nine-year-old Chayton Patino-Ubeda gets ready to ride the big waves. - Bhajan Sport Photo

"It's about safety first and being able to enjoy the water in different ways," said Chayton.

Cheyenne agrees, saying, "First of all it is not to drown. Living in Tobago with all these beautiful beaches around it would be disappointing not to enjoy the sea activities like surfing, swimming and snorkelling."

Snorkelling is a fun water activity for them also and they see turtles and "baby sharks."

Like many children, Cheyenne and Chayton admire older athletes in sports. Chayton likes American surfer John John Florence and Brazilian Gabriel Medina and his sister's role models are American Kelly Slater, Brazilian Filipe Toledo, along with Americans Carissa Moore and Caroline Marks.

Cheyenne and Chayton don't only speak English. They also speak French because their father is from France.


"Cheyenne, Chayton tackle the big waves"

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