Nalis selects Sapotee Soil as its 2023-24 book

The cover of Sapotee Soil by Joanne Haynes. -
The cover of Sapotee Soil by Joanne Haynes. -

SAPOTEE SOIL: A Call to Memory by Joanne Haynes has been selected by the National Library and Information System Authority’s (Nalis) Educational Library Services Division One Book, Many Schools annual reading programme for 2023-2024.

This year’s programme started in October and continues until September 2024.

It encourages young readers to demonstrate their understanding and appreciation of the work through literary activities, both individually and through teamwork. Sapotee Soil has both film and audio adaptations.

Haynes is a Commonwealth short story finalist (2001), winner of the Derek Walcott Literature Prize (2005), recipient of a Nalis Lifetime Literary Award (2012), and rapso performer.

She is the founder of Pepperpot Productions, an organisation that aims to build patriotism among youths and educate them about the country’s heritage.

The initiative aims to encourage students to read Caribbean literature raise awareness of its importance and value, introduce local authors, foster an appreciation of local culture, cultivate critical thinking skills, strengthen use of media and information literacy skills.


"Nalis selects Sapotee Soil as its 2023-24 book"

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