Finale for Bacchanal, Bobol, & Bad Behaviour

The finale of Baccahanal, & Bobol -
The finale of Baccahanal, & Bobol -

RS/RR Productions will put on its final production for 2023, Bacchanal, Bobol, & Bad Behaviour, at the Southern Academy for the Perfroming Arts (SAPA) this weekend.

The producers say the play is a scandalous, hilarious comedy that features a stellar comic cast that includes, Richard Ragoobarsingh, Debra Boucaud Mason, Leslie-Ann Lavine, Kearn Samuel, Zo-Mari Tanker, Jayron “Rawkus” Remy, Andrew Friday and Scott Gonzalez. It is directed by Boucaud Mason and Ragoobarsingh.

What would you do if you stumbled upon US$2 million by mistake? Only to later discover that the money is tied to criminal activities. Henry, played by Ragoobarsingh, decides to seize the money and escape with his wife.

Discover the unfolding events as the owner, a corrupt police officer, and another official enter the scene. The latter informs Henry's wife that her husband was murdered by the money's owner. Can Henry evade danger and hold onto the cash?

Get ready for a wild escapade that intertwines criminals, cops, and a couple in hilariously chaotic series of unforeseen events.

For the November 18 and 19 finale, tickets are available at advertised outlets and can also be purchased online through online transfer.


"Finale for Bacchanal, Bobol, & Bad Behaviour"

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