Mayaro arsonist rescued, held

photo courtesy Amit Bahadoor
photo courtesy Amit Bahadoor

An arsonist was rescued from the house he allegedly set on fire in an attempt to kill a family of eight, including a nine-month-old baby, early on Monday morning in Mayaro.

The Bahadoor family of Mafeking Village escaped death, and the suspect, who lives in the area, was detained.

Two relatives, Amit Bahadoor and his sister Anisha Bahadoor, suffered burns, and she was still in hospital on Tuesday.

-photo courtesy Amit Bahadoor

Reports are around 2. 40 am on Monday, a sound awakened the family. Anisha assumed someone was trying to break into the house, and when she looked through the bedroom window, she saw the suspect.

When he saw her, he poured out a flammable liquid and then threw a lighted object.

Her sister, the baby, and two other children, four and nine, were in the room.

Her screams alerted her relatives, and they ran out of the burning house.

Amit saw the suspect trying to get into the house, and he rescued and held the suspect until the police arrived.

Anyone who is willing to help the family can donate via Amit Bahadoor's (Mayaro Republic Bank) account no 470464365401.

photo courtesy Amit Bahadoor


"Mayaro arsonist rescued, held"

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