WASA promises more water for Divali

WASA site in Caroni. - File photo
WASA site in Caroni. - File photo

There will be no shutdown at the Desalination Company of TT during the Divali weekend.

Instead, the company will be increasing its production from 40 to 42 million gallons per day.

According to a statement from WASA, the Public Utilities Minister Marvin Gonzales gave the directive for WASA to request an increase in production from Desalcott to meet the anticipated additional demand during the Divali weekend.

The release said WASA commissioned three new wells, converted from a non-producing to a producing water source, on Wednesday, which boosted water production at the Freeport Water Treatment Plant.

The boost provided an improved water supply to approximately 21,000 people in Freeport and environs, and those who received a water supply in one in nine days would see an increased range to four-seven days per week.

“The Authority assures its customers throughout TT that every effort is being made to provide an adequate water supply, to meet the needs of our citizens as they prepare for the Divali celebrations.


"WASA promises more water for Divali"

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