Dead Charlieville mother, daughter 'huge loss'

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Although they lived in a small, secluded galvanised structure in Cemetery Street, Charleville, Reena Ramadhar and her daughter Rehanna Bhaggan were loved members of their community. That is why neighbours described their deaths as "a huge loss." The pair died in a blaze that broke out in their one-room home around 11.55 pm on Thursday night.

Neighbours, who did not want to be identified, told Newsday during a visit on Friday that Ramadhar lived in the community for over 14 years and would be seen walking the road with her daughter almost daily, greeting others as they went. Given they didn't have an electricity supply, they believe the fire was started by a fireside she used inside to cook with. They said she would often leave the coals to smoulder in the evening, to get rid of mosquitoes and sandflies. During Newsday's visit after noon, smoke could still be seen emanating from the area which neighbours said was the fireside's location.They said Ramadhar was unemployed but would often do domestic work.

Despite this, they said, she stopped her daughter from attending the Chaguanas North Secondary School because of financial issues. Ramadhar's mother lived some 150 feet in front of their home but was not there at the time of the blaze. They said she had been hospitalised at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex since November 3.

Neighbours said she had been told of her daughter's death and although she was discharged on Friday, she did not want to return home. They said she and Rehanna were close, as Rehanna lived with her grandmother for some time before returning to live with her mother. The neighbours said Ramadhar and Bhaggan's bodies were seen lying on the floor and were unidentifiable. They said the bodies were removed between 3 am and 4 am on Friday.


"Dead Charlieville mother, daughter ‘huge loss’"

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