Tobago records 10th murder, Trini mother killed

SHOT DEAD: Chiniqua White -
SHOT DEAD: Chiniqua White -

Tobago has recorded its 10th murder for 2023.

Dead is mother of one Chiniqua White, also called Chin, who was shot and killed in a drive-by shooting in Black Rock on Monday night.

White, 34, who was from Malick, Barataria, died while being treated at hospital.

Police told Newsday that around 9.10 pm on Monday, White was seated in the front seat in a white Nissan Versa driven by a man along the Black Rock main road close to the Multipurpose Facility. The driver of a white Nissan Tiida pulled in front of the couple's car, and two men came out and started shooting.

Police said White’s driver sped off, saw she had been shot, and took her to the Scarborough General Hospital.

Newsday was told that the two were in Tobago, along with several other people, for the funeral of 31-year-old Kareem “Toppy” Romeo in Plymouth on Monday.

Romeo, of Upper Seventh Avenue, Malick, Barataria, was shot during an altercation with officers of the North Eastern Division. He was taken to the hospital by the police and was later pronounced dead.

When Newsday visited the Black Rock community on Tuesday, all was calm as it was business as usual amidst the inclement weather. President of the Village Council Learie Paul said his community remains concerned.

“We are of the firm view that violence in any form must be condemned.”

He said steps are being taken for the elimination of crime and violence within the community.

“The young people within the community have formed themselves into a group calling themselves youths against violence, and they have been doing a lot of sports. We are encouraging the young people away from violence.”

While the two involved in Monday’s incident are not from the area, he said, he has the firm view that all lives matter.

“It doesn’t matter where they are from, one murder is one too much. “Generally, we have to find ways to see how we can go against violence and show them the way of Christ. Love your neighbour as you love yourself – that is where we have to go.”

He added: “All of us need to look inside, crime starts with all of us. All of us need to do some introspection, see if we are doing the right thing, see if we are taking care of those persons under you.

“We have to start in the homes, we have to bring back those values we were taught. It is a call for us to look inside – I want the families to be strengthened.”

In a Facebook post, MP for Roxborough/ Argyle and political leader of the Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP) Watson Duke said he was quite concerned about the number of murders to date. He said it matters not whether these murders are solved, as he called for the intervention of the THA Chief Secretary.

“We need to take a serious stock of what is going on in Tobago. I am calling upon the Tobago House of Assembly led by my colleague Farley Chavez Augustine, you have to take stock of this. You said to the prime minister, mind your business, this is Tobago business, and these murders are happening in Tobago, on Tobago soil. You have to hold yourself accountable for it.”

He recalled Augustine’s meeting earlier this year with the TTPS Tobago Head Collis Hazel.

Duke said he believes that the police service is competent enough and can put fear into those committing these crimes so that they can be “slowed and ultimately stopped.”

“One murder is too much for Tobago. In a population of 60,000, we should not have reached this figure. This is unprecedented, and as Assemblyman in the Tobago House of Assembly, I am calling upon all the national security forces that are in Tobago – the Coastguard, the Army up at Signal Hill, the police, even security officers to pay attention to your surroundings.”


"Tobago records 10th murder, Trini mother killed"

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