Cops seize pistol after man fires shots to scare bandits

File photo/David Reid
File photo/David Reid

A 69-year-old pensioner believes he might have foiled a crime after he fired shots at two men who tried to attack his wife at Penal on Friday night.

The man reported to the police that around 10.30 pm he and his wife left their son’s home at Clarke Road, driving separate vehicles.

A short distance away from his home, he saw a silver Nissan Tiida parked at the side of the road, which approached his wife’s vehicle as she was about to enter their driveway.

The vehicle stopped in front of their gate and two men believed to be of Hispanic descent got out.

Afraid for the life of his wife, the pensioner fired shots in the air with his licensed gun, scaring off the would-be assailants. He reported the two men got back into the Tiida and drove off.

The man reported the matter to the Penal police and WPC Bridgelal took possession of his Glock pistol and 20 rounds of 9mm ammunition. He was told the police will keep the pistol pending further enquiries.

Sgt Seurattan, along with Cpl Taikan and PC Telesford of the CSI, visited and processed the scene.


"Cops seize pistol after man fires shots to scare bandits"

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