Students shoot ahead with reading

Arrow Foundation director Christopher Bonterre speaks at the Literacy Day Extravaganza, at NAPA, Port of Spain - ANGELO MARCELLE
Arrow Foundation director Christopher Bonterre speaks at the Literacy Day Extravaganza, at NAPA, Port of Spain - ANGELO MARCELLE

Over 250 students embarked on an adventure in reading and learning during the second annual Shell Literacy Day Extravaganza hosted at the National Academy for the Performing Arts (NAPA), recently. Primary schools from East Port of Spain participated in the event organised by the ARROW Foundation and sponsored by Shell TT.

Held under the banner ‘Reading Rockets to Space’, the initiative used space-themed exhibits and activities to engage the students and encourage them to read and learn.

Shell’s social performance and social investment advisor, Ryssa Brathwaite, “Today, we’re here to celebrate one of the most fundamental and transformative activities of the human mind: reading. Reading is about opening doors to uncharted territories, venturing into the minds of storytellers, and exploring the boundless realms of the imagination.”

“This year’s theme is meant to take you on a journey where literacy becomes the launchpad to the stars. At Shell, we firmly believe that when we can help a child read better and learn better, they can do better. We can change their lives forever. Remember, reading is the rocket fuel of imagination. The more you read, the more you’ll know. The more you know, the farther you’ll go,” Brathwaite added.

Started in 2022, the event represents part of the larger Shell-ARROW collaboration. It is also fully endorsed by the Ministry of Education. It targets 19 schools over an initial three-year period and has already impacted 2,000 students, with that number expected to cross 3,000 by the end of 2024.

Permanent secretary for the ministry, Simone Williams said, “This initiative represents a beacon of hope and opportunity for the students. It is a promise to empower these students to unlock the doors to a brighter future. This initiative falls squarely in line with the mission of the Ministry of Education and will nurture confident and creative thinkers. We want to thank Shell and the ARROW Foundation for their unwavering commitment to education – together we will work to transform lives, nurture dreams and create a legacy of learning.”

Christopher Bonterre, managing director of the ARROW Foundation said, “Today is about celebrating the positive impact of the ARROW multisensory learning system, which is motivating students to learn and improve their self-esteem.

“This progress leads to enhanced academic performance and an overall transformation in their outlook and attitudes. Shell is collaborating with us to help the children who are facing the greatest challenges. With every child we help to read and learn, the future of Trinidad and Tobago is enhanced.”


"Students shoot ahead with reading"

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