Essence, purpose, power of the woman

- Photo courtesy Pixabay
- Photo courtesy Pixabay

THE EDITOR: As a woman, I strongly encourage other women to identify positives in their journey through life. Countless uncertainties and lessons are to be learned. Operating alone seems practical, but for a mere moment as self-preservation is so desperately craved.

This is for the woman of inspiration desirous to speak her truth. Impart sound knowledge so that we can help each other. You are the embodiment of beauty and resilience hoped for so I implore you to wake up renewed, revived and empowered and allow the noise to dissipate.

We all cannot escape the multiplicity of personalities which surrounds us daily and would always be thrust into unpleasant social interactions. You may feel as one susceptible to the abuses out there. Dejected may be the feeling you resonate with the most. What to do when those voices get louder? Their words and presence appear domineering, thereby allowing you to feel unfairly devalued and discarded.

Sadly, we exist in a world with few fully committed to misunderstanding the very essence of our offerings. If misunderstood, good would arise from that though. Some were not emotionally mature to embrace our strengths, capability and womanhood. This is no fault of theirs. Therefore, you must win in every sphere and leave your indelible mark to be explored.

To the woman convinced there is no place for you, rooms are always filled with opportunities. Denial does not mean delay.

Each phase is a direct consequence of being repositioned. I can assure you there is always a place for you to shatter barriers and break gender biases. Outwardly, looks may deceive but womanhood is priceless. As such your thoughts should be aligned to manifest your true destiny.


Port of Spain


"Essence, purpose, power of the woman"

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