Remove income tax, Mr Minister

Minister of Finance Colm Imbert -
Minister of Finance Colm Imbert -

THE EDITOR: I would like to repeat my advice to Minister of Finance Colm Imbert in the face of the upcoming budget.

The success of a country lies in the success of its business places.

You have to stop behaving like a greedy child who has to have everything for himself. You will get nowhere with that attitude.

Remove all those annoying personal taxes and allow the population to enjoy what they have earned. Let them go into the stores, groceries, restaurants, cinemas and malls, etc and spend to their hearts' delight and then you can collect all the taxes you desire from the corporate community.

You have seen that your method has not worked so stop repeating the same old trend of thought and try something new.

You may even find that you do not need the property tax at all, and just maybe you may win back the confidence of the population before the upcoming general election.


Diego Martin


"Remove income tax, Mr Minister"

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