Increased arrivals for cruise season

The arrival of Rhapsody of the Seas to Trinidad at the beginning of last year's cruise season. File Photo - ROGER JACOB
The arrival of Rhapsody of the Seas to Trinidad at the beginning of last year's cruise season. File Photo - ROGER JACOB

Trinidad’s upcoming cruise season promises significant gains.

Tourism Trinidad, in a press release, said approximately 88,000 passengers and 30,000 crew members are expected to arrive in Trinidad.

This is an 81 per cent increase in passengers from last season where 48,243 passengers arrived via 29 calls at the Cruise Ship Complex in Port of Spain.

The cruise season begins in November and runs till April next year. This year’s first vessel, Seabourn Pursuit, is expected to arrive on October 11.

The tourism agency noted the increased passenger arrivals promise an influx of economic prosperity, cultural enrichment and boundless opportunities for local businesses.

“There are ten inaugural visits and five new cruise lines incoming for this season. They are Seabourn, Ex Polaris, Victoria Cruises, Silver Seas Cruises and Salen Ship Management Company,” it added.

Reflecting on the economic impact of last season, Tourism Trinidad said the industry recorded a passenger disembarkation rate of 80 per cent or four in every five passengers, with an average spend of US$43.

“Passengers engaged in various activities, including shopping for local handicrafts, savouring the island’s culinary delights, and exploring its vibrant cultural heritage. This infusion of spending power generated substantial revenue for local businesses, invigorating sectors such as retail, hospitality, transportation, and entertainment, and contributing to the overall economic growth of Trinidad,” the agency said.

Moko-jumbies create a welcoming atmosphere for cruiseship passengers as they disembark the vessel. File Photo - ROGER JACOB

Tourism Trinidad CEO Carla Cupid added that employment opportunities flourished as the cruise season unfolded. This surge in employment not only provided income for individuals but also fostered skills development and contributed to the growth of the local tourism sector.

Additionally, the downstream benefits of the cruise industry extended beyond tourism, creating a ripple effect that stimulates various sectors of the economy.

“Local businesses in agriculture, manufacturing, and transportation experienced increased demand as they supplied products and services. Ships were supplied with local produce, seafood and other vital items,” the tourism agency said.

Cultural exchange was also a key highlight of the previous season, as visitors immersed themselves in Trinidad’s vibrant festivals, traditional music, and food.

With the start of the new season, Tourism Trinidad said it is ready to welcome passengers to its shores as a premier cruise destination, offering a gateway to exploration and discovery for travellers.


"Increased arrivals for cruise season"

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