Brothers of slain cop: He was a gift wrapped in gold

Cpl Dwight Skeete -
Cpl Dwight Skeete -

Slain policeman acting Cpl Dwight Shadrach Preston Skeete received glowing tributes at his funeral  on Friday at the Mt D'Or SDA Church in San Juan.

Skeete's brothers, Darryl, Daniel and Dylaun, took turns eulogising him and sharing pleasant memories of their childhood in Laventille.

Daniel said society reflects on the home, adding that Skeete was a true reflection of the family's home.

He said people tend to feel only bad comes from Laventille. However, the Skeete siblings "came through good" thanks to their upbringing by their grandparents and aunts.

"We produced goodness for the police service and, by extension, the population of TT. This is all we must produce from homes, a good shining example, and Trinidad will be a better place," he said.

Daniel recalled someone calling and offering condolences. The caller suggested he should move on and "forgive and forget."

"I say that’s a half-truth. Forgiveness for man, forgetting it is for God. I am just a man," he said, on the brink of tears.

On September 12, Skeete was shot dead by a fellow officer, WPC Josette Joseph-Marshall, at her home at Edinburgh 500 in Chaguanas, after a heated argument. The policewoman, 44, then turned the gun on herself. She, too, died on the spot.

Darryl said Skeete loved life and was an avid basketball and football player and coach.

"He was, all in all, a gift wrapped with gold paper and diamond ribbons," he said.

Dylaun added that growing up with Skeete was wonderful. He reminisced that Skeet was fun and protective.

"He was always there for us. I always called him for advice. I will always cherish my brothers, all of them."

Skeete's son, Josiah Skeete, referred to himself as Skeete's heir and legacy. He said his father met the love of his life (Josiah's mother, Lystra) at secondary school in 1996.

Josiah added, "Although our relationship may not have been conventional, my dad influences my life in many ways. He taught me to ride my bike and introduced me to the sporting world.

"If I had to say one thing I remember about my dad, it is the ability to take basic ingredients and turn them into an outstanding dish. For example, when he would make breakfast on weekends for mum and me, he often made his signature eggs that we call 'Daddy's eggs.'"

He remembered his father, a policeman for 17 years, always being sharply dressed.

"My dad was an ethical, hard-working man," Josiah added.

Skeete's aunt, Daphne Moore, said family members belong to a "prayerful home" and are praying for true justice.

"We know that the God we serve is just. Sometimes he does things we do not understand because he is sovereign."

Saying God is love, she called on people to show love and not just say it. Moore said if people love, they should act as though they love.

The officiating minister prayed for mourners to let the funeral be a means of helping them to bind closure together. He also prayed for God to put an end to all violence.

"We ask that you come among us and give us that impetus so that we can live here and go forward with an intent to make a difference so they will reap the benefits of a better society and a better country," he prayed.

Skeete's body was taken to the Lapeyrouse Cemetery for burial.

Joseph-Marshall's funeral also took place on Friday, at Daybreak Assembly in Morvant.

WPC Josette Josette-Marshall -

Her aunt, Judy Romain, told mourners the family lost a beautiful soul.

Romain described Joseph-Marshall, fondly called Josie, as an amazing mother and a strong, determined and fearless person. Joseph- Marshall's husband died a few years ago, she added.

She recalled that Joseph-Marshall was always well-dressed, her make-up on point, and loved by everyone.

"For people suffering from depression, remember god will not let you down," the bereaved aunt added.

Both funerals were streamed on YouTube.


"Brothers of slain cop: He was a gift wrapped in gold"

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