Chaguanas man, 38, dies in car crash

Rishard Hosein -
Rishard Hosein -

An accident on the Uriah Butler Highway in Chaguanas before dawn on Friday claimed the life of a 38-year-old man.

A police report said Rishard Hosein died on the spot at around 2.45 am when his car crashed into a dump truck on the southbound lane.

Hosein was from Soldado Road, Lange Park in Chaguanas.

The report said a truck driver got a “bad drive” from the driver of an unknown vehicle, near Guayamare, and lost control of the truck.

The truck swerved to avoid a crash, but hit a concrete culvert.

Hosein, who was driving his Mitsubishi Lancer behind the truck, swerved to avoid hitting the truck, but crashed into it. The car then hit an electricity pole, killing Hosein.

Central Division police and fire officers visited the scene and gathered evidence.

Investigations are ongoing.


"Chaguanas man, 38, dies in car crash"

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