'Come together' with threatening, insulting Govt?

President Christine Kangaloo - Angelo Marcelle
President Christine Kangaloo - Angelo Marcelle

THE EDITOR: Christine Kangaloo's repetition of the "come together" narrative speaks to the mediocrity of her presidency. It is unoriginal and unimaginative and does nothing for refreshing the Parliament with a new perspective. I am fed up of hearing it.

Will the PNM be "coming together" to give Tobago greater self-governance when it can't get the supply of almond milk and cement on a cargo vessel right?

It's a boring narrative, the flip side of the unpatriotic slur often used by the bankrupt PNM as a stuck record against its UNC opponents whenever the Government is in a corner – instead of demanding that the Government (the PNM) does its job.

Coming together would not have saved the countless lives lost in fires when the fire service does not have a donkey cart and a tub to go to a fire.

The Government can't expect "come together" from the Opposition when there is nothing more than persecution, inside and outside the Parliament, insults and threats, the grossly disrespectful behaviour of the very Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance, as well as the punishment of UNC-controlled regional corporations. Why doesn't the Government "come together" to open the Ramai Trace Hindu School?

Bah humbug. It's another waste of the nation's depleting resources, similar to the Independence Day farce, except that it gave the Pandays another opportunity to shine and be celebrated at another PNM event. Who knows, Mickela might be a Richie Sookhai next.


St James


"‘Come together’ with threatening, insulting Govt?"

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