Missing Toco fishermen returned, no ransom paid

Sebastien Charles, left, and Giovanne Gardner. -
Sebastien Charles, left, and Giovanne Gardner. -

Missing Toco fishermen Giovanne Gardner, 23, and Sebastian Charles, 26, have returned home safely.

A release from the TTPS said the two men, accompanied by relatives arrived at the Toco Police Station at 6.45 pm on Thursday after going missing for more than two weeks.

Abigail Gardner, mother of Giovanne Gardner, said he was not able to speak to anyone at the moment because he was sick, experiencing dehydration. She said she was thanking God that her son was returned safely and without having to pay ransom.

“We took him to the doctor today,” she said. “We haven’t spoken about what happened yet because of how sick he is, but I will speak to him when he catches himself.”

Charles’ father Barry told Newsday that he was in good health. He said Charles started doing business right away, looking after his boat and repairing fishing nets.

“Pallos, to tell you the truth, everything is all-right with me. I have no problems. Everything is cool and calm. Everything is alright with him. He is eating and resting well,” the father said.

Gardner and Charles, both fishermen went missing on August 27 after they left from the Toco Fishing Facility. Gardner’s mother told Newsday that on August 30, when she realised he had not returned home, she became worried.

She asked friends if they knew where he was and was told that he had been kidnapped by Venezuelan pirates.


"Missing Toco fishermen returned, no ransom paid"

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