Compare what Gladstone said

President Christine Kangaloo - Angelo Marcelle
President Christine Kangaloo - Angelo Marcelle

THE EDITOR: President Christine Kangaloo may well have experienced mental anguish and emotional torpor in attempting to transcend the political domain and appear statesmanlike at the ceremonial opening of Parliament on Monday.

She having been involved in the furnace of party politics for almost two decades the moral capture expected of this office-holder may now prove to be elusive. That she is not known for distinguishing herself at the legal Bar makes it all the more difficult.

Compare her lament about elected parliamentarians to what Gladstone said.

One day, as William Gladstone (1809-1898), the great English statesman, was preparing a speech to be delivered in Parliament the next day, he was called to visit a dying boy.

When he returned to the writing of his speech, he said, “The speech may fail or otherwise, the British Empire may fall or otherwise, but in helping that boy, I have tasted exquisite joy.”


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"Compare what Gladstone said"

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