Bandit killed in hit-and-run after attempted robbery

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A BANDIT was fatally hit by car in Arouca on Thursday while he and an accomplice were trying to rob patrons of a bar.

The deceased has been identified as Clinton Changa.

Police said at about 1.45 am on Thursday, one of the victims was at the Arouca bar when she was alerted to a commotion.

When she checked she saw two men, Changa, and 35-year-old Anthony Salina attempting to rob patrons. The victim told police one of the men was armed with a large rock. The two suspects then approached the victim. One of the men grabbed the victim by the waist as they tried to rob her.

She fought them off with the help of her common-law husband and then tried to subdue and apprehend them. Changa tried to escape by running out of the bar and onto the road, when a gold-coloured Nissan Almera heading east along the Eastern Main Road hit him.

The car then turned around and hit him again before escaping, heading south along Golden Grove Road.

After the hit-and-hit-and-run, a group of people gathered around Changa and beat him. Salina was held and beaten as well.

Changa was taken to the Eric Williams Medical Science Complex in Mt Hope where he was pronounced dead on arrival by a District Medical Officer. Salina was also taken to hospital where he was treated for lacerations and bruises about the body. He was expected to do a CT scan and an X-Ray.


"Bandit killed in hit-and-run after attempted robbery"

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