The role of an e-commerce specialist

There is an increased demand for e-commerce specialists within businesses as e-commerce tools and platforms become more widespread. Photo courtesy Keron Rose -
There is an increased demand for e-commerce specialists within businesses as e-commerce tools and platforms become more widespread. Photo courtesy Keron Rose -

The e-commerce specialist is a role that will be fairly new to most Caribbean businesses, even though e-commerce tools and platforms are becoming more widespread.

For many years, we had limited options for payment gateways to connect to our websites and local banks, and when you start factoring in the costs for web development, payment-tool integration and then the lack of credit-card penetration amongst the population, this was just too much for businesses to seriously consider.

Now that websites are much more cost-effective to build or create yourself, we have more payment-gateway options – starting as low as $0 to integrate into a website.

Additionally, with Visa debit cards finally getting the push in the Caribbean, regular folks without a credit card can buy online with your business.

Now is the time for more e-commerce specialists to start emerging, and more companies should be hiring for this role.

An e-commerce specialist is an expert in online sales strategies and the various platforms used to make digital sales or conversions on a website.

They are responsible for monitoring the day-to-day activity on the site and its overall performance to achieve goals such as improving user experience, increasing website traffic and sales, and developing brand loyalty.

They also run ad campaigns on search engines and other websites and research and implement the latest digital marketing strategies using social media.

Additionally, they assist with site development and manage updates for the e-commerce side of the business, work with co-workers to collect necessary content to use for each product or service offering, and ensure the brand message and goals align with the rest of the company.


They also keep a promotions calendar, track all e-commerce marketing efforts, analyse data and use their findings to improve their strategies.

E-commerce specialist duties:

· Analysing market trends and customer data to identify opportunities and inform strategy development.

· Setting goals and objectives for the company’s online sales efforts.

· Developing tactics for driving traffic to the company’s website and converting visitors into customers.

· Managing and optimising the company’s online sales channels, including social media, e-mail marketing, and paid advertising.

· Working with the sales and marketing teams to ensure that all online sales efforts are co-ordinated and aligned with overall business goals.

· Doing A/B testing and other experiments to improve the effectiveness of online sales efforts.

· Tracking and analysing key performance metrics to measure the success of online sales efforts and make data-driven decisions.

· Staying up to date with industry trends and new technologies that could affect the company’s online sales efforts.

· Collaborating with other teams, such as product development and customer service, to ensure the company’s online sales efforts are aligned with the overall business strategy.

· Researching and implementing best practices for product SEO.

· Aiding in digital monetisation strategies to generate new revenue for the company.

Qualifications of a e-commerce specialist:

· Experience with e-commerce platforms and tools, such as Shopify, Magento or WooCommerce.

· Knowledge of web development technologies.

· Knowledge of web analytics, SEO, and online marketing.

· Experience with CRM software, CMS systems, and other web-based applications.

· Experience with online marketing and advertising, including social media marketing, e-mail marketing, and paid search

· Strong project-management skills

· Excellent communication and collaboration skills

· A customer-centric approach to problem-solving

· Ability to adapt quickly to changes in technology and the market.

Salary ranges for e-commerce specialists:

· US: US$40,000-US$112,000 per year

· UK: US$29,000-US$67,000 per year

· China: US$30,000-US$97,000 per year

· Australia: US$68,000-US$101,000 per year

E-commerce certifications:

E-Commerce Marketing – HubSpot Academy (free)

E-Commerce Mastery – Digitalmarketer (paid)

E-Commerce Essentials – Skillshare (paid)

E-Commerce Masterclass – BigCommerce (free),

E-Commerce Fundamentals – LinkedIn (free).

Hiring an e-commerce specialist is a sound investment for any business looking to increase its online presence and ROI.

An e-commerce specialist has the knowledge, experience, and skills to help you develop a successful online store, create and carry out effective marketing campaigns, and maximise customer engagement. With their expertise in online sales strategy and marketing, they can help you reach new customers, increase sales, and improve the overall performance of your online business.

They can also help you navigate the constantly-evolving landscape of e-commerce, staying up to date with industry trends and using the latest technologies to drive results.

By hiring an e-commerce specialist, you’ll be investing in the future of your business and positioning it for success in the digital world.

Keron Rose is a digital strategist who works with Caribbean entrepreneurs to build their digital presence and monetise their platforms.

To learn more, visit or listen to the Digipreneur FM podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Google Podcast.


"The role of an e-commerce specialist"

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