Hinds welcomes Kangaloo's call for MPs to collaborate on crime

National Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds. - ROGER JACOB
National Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds. - ROGER JACOB

MINISTER of National Security Fitzgerald Hinds welcomed President Christine Kangaloo's call for collaboration against crime between the Government and Opposition, talking to reporters on Monday at the Red House rotunda after the ceremonial opening of Parliament.

Hinds was "very proud" of Kangaloo's call for cross-collaboration among MPs.

"I think its a logical and a sensible call and I was happy to hear her remind us of it.

"The more we collaborate; the more we team up; the more we come together against those who threaten our peace, security and safety – whether home-grown/locally or whether from transnational operators bringing incursions into TT – the stronger we are to resist them and protect ourselves from them."

He said he found the President's speech to be enjoyable and inspiring.

"I'm sure every member of Parliament would have been inspired by it."

He said Kangaloo had spoken as a woman with experience in understanding an MP's role and contribution.

"Only God knows what we do. Only God knows about the calls we get at three in the morning.

"Only God knows about the call I got at 11.34 last night and the sacrifices that had to be made. But it is all done in the spirit of service to the people of TT."

Asked about the recent murder of a construction contractor, Hinds said it would be inappropriate to comment on an individual case, especially if not fully apprised of it. "But it is quite clear we are having a serious challenge with crime in our society and we must all continue to do what we have to do in order to...

"Do you think there is anyone solution to this? Crime is the result of the very sinful nature of human beings – greed and selfishness and very violent tendencies and all manner of things."

He said there was white collar crime, blue collar crime and red colour street crime.

"Human beings behave that way and we have systems in place – be it the judiciary, police, national security council, teaching service, faith-based organisations – all of them designed to shape and to nurture the human being, so we can behave in a manner that is less hostile to one another and create less problems for the rest of us."

Asked about 3-D guns in TT, he said the Firearms Act deals with anything resembling firearms, although saying laws are social constructs.

"I'm happy the police were able to treat with that, and I'm aware the police are continuing to monitor that and similar situations if they exist."

A reporter asked if fresh legislation was needed to deal with 3-D guns.

Hinds replied, "I'm not in a position to say that just yet. But if that is the view that comes out of this police investigation, you can be assured that we will certainly be quite willing to do that."


"Hinds welcomes Kangaloo’s call for MPs to collaborate on crime"

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