Eve, where is Justin Sadoo?

Angus Eve -
Angus Eve -

THE EDITOR: Congratulations to all selected national players who will compete in the Concacaf Nations League. Thank you, Angus Eve, for showing faith in the 11 local players. The squad selection is excellent. Brent Sam, Justin Garcia, Christopher Biggette and obviously Reon Moore deserve call-ups for their rip-roaring form for Defence Force this season.

Perhaps there is something we don't see, but why on God's green earth is midfielder Justin Sadoo not in this squad? I have nothing against Andre Rampersad, but his performances so far in national colours have been underwhelming.

Sadoo is ahead of Rampersad in terms of form and quality and is the engine for Defence Force in the middle of the park. He would feed Moore, Tefler, Auvray and complement Hacksaw with ball progression and retention.

Sadoo was apart of Eve's training camps earlier this year. I understand that there are players who are injured but internal competition is necessary for the team to perform at its best. What else does Sadoo need to do to get in the starting 11, not in the reserves or on the bench? Also, having that chemistry as fellow clubmates would ease up Eve's workload.

Nevertheless, I urge Sadoo to humble himself, raise his head, never give up, and support the team. Plenty of football is ahead. Soca Warriors to the world.




"Eve, where is Justin Sadoo?"

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