TTCIC strengthens as a think tank

TT Chamber president Kiran Maharaj.
TT Chamber president Kiran Maharaj. (File Photo) - AYANNA KINSALE

The TT Chamber of Industry and Commerce (TTCIC) as part of their business community representation has launched three new committee.

In a release, TTCIC said, as a think tank, these committees – the orange economy; food security, agriculture and fisheries; and pharmaceutical and wellness – would also recommend and advocate for development strategies in the best interest of the national economy.

The committees would look at a range of sectors and issues such as the creative arts, technology and innovation, exports, urban revitalisation, sustainable farming, job creation and healthcare.

TTCIC president Kiran Maharaj said, “These sectors are increasingly significant and require attention and dedication if we are to unleash their full potential. A structured and strategic approach that is well co-ordinated among stakeholders will allow for better success.”

She added that these sectors significantly contribute to the well-being of the economy, but need to be better activated to be viable.

“The role of the TTCIC is to ensure we support our members and the national community as a think tank and give voice to critical matters in the interest of success,” she said.

These committees would provide industry guidance, empower members through knowledge enhancement and assess performance against benchmarks.

They would also promote economic diversification and reduce the dependency on the oil and gas sector

TT Chamber CEO Stephen de Gannes said, “Establishment and addition of the committees reflects the Chamber's commitment as ‘the voice of business’ to address the specific needs and challenges faced by each industry and to create a platform for collaboration and collective action.”


"TTCIC strengthens as a think tank"

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