Something Bright with shades on

Definitely Something Bright  -
Definitely Something Bright -

A river in the background, pool in the middle, lots of colours and good music. That was the vibe at Something Bright, Shades On, at the corner of Blanchisseuse Road and Calvary Hill, Arima, earlier this month.

In living colour at Something Bright, Shades On. -

The now anticipated event in the eastern borough, saw scores of people dressed in a multitude of colours to match the theme of the event hosted by promoter Abigail Plaza of Livers Promotions.

This crew lives up to the event's title, Something Bright, Shades On. -

The daytime cooler party started at 10 am with music from Kabuki and Dice, DJ Junior and All Star Hayden, DJ Romero and Taquille, DJ Lyndon and Jon Boi and Ezel.


Plaza said, "The party is in honour of Junior 'Livers' Liverpool. Something Bright was his idea and we had the first edition in 2019. Unfortunately, Junior died in 2021. So in honour of him I continued what we started and had the second edition in August 2022, as a memorial for his birthday. He was a man that loved to cook and lime and bring people together. So Something Bright is the event that speaks to that. Bringing people together. This year we introduced a sober zone, and some edibles on the house."


"Something Bright with shades on"

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