Claxton Bay man killed in car crash

Police car - File photo
Police car - File photo

A 33-year-old man was killed in an accident in Claxton Bay before dawn on Monday.

Terell Brown, who was self-employed, died at Hermitage Road, near Kowlessarsingh Drive.

A police report said the crash happened around 1.30 am. Brown was driving his silver Hyundai Tucson, but lost control. The car skidded, then slammed into a post at the side of the road, killing him.

No one else was injured.

Brown was from Claxton Bay.

Nearby residents called the St Margaret’s police, and Cpl Charles and PC Nelson were among the first responders. Others included Sgt Singh, WPC Nysus and PC Rampersad.

The district medical officer, Dr Rajnarinesingh, visited and ordered the body removed

FFSO Jones and other officers from the Savonetta fire station also responded.

Cpl Charles is heading the investigation.


"Claxton Bay man killed in car crash"

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