The thing about common sense...

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THE EDITOR: Here is a simple question: How long will it take to fill a bucket with water if the faucet is slightly open, as opposed to the faucet being fully open?

I am not the most educated person in Trinidad, having long given up on formal learning when I was told I could not take the subjects I wanted when I attended college.

However, I believe very strongly in common sense.

Our Minister of Fineants (Finance) keeps adding to the list of taxes he can levy on the population (PAYE, VAT and now property tax) in the hope of increasing revenue. I say to him, sir, you are embarking on a senseless mission.

When you levy all those taxes on the population you stifle the growth of businesses and thereby stifle the treasury.

I suggest you remove all those ridiculous taxes and thereby give the population buying power.

That will result in businesses succeeding. They will be in a position to expand, hire more workers and that is where you will collect an increased level of corporate tax far in excess of what you will collect with your present methods.

Remember the cry in Boston...”No Taxation without representation.”


Diego Martin


"The thing about common sense…"

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