Please tell me I'm wrong

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THE EDITOR: I am sure I got it wrong. I hope I got it wrong. Please tell me I got it all wrong.

The courts ruled in favour of a disabled six-year-old who has not been afforded proper care for the Zika virus by the Ministry of Health.

The courts awarded a sum of money for the mother in order for her to continue to take care of this child. Now I understand that this Government is planning to appeal that judgment.

An appeal means that this poor mother will have to wait an inordinate time before she can get any monetary compensation. And if somehow overturned on appeal, she will get nothing, unless she goes to the Privy Council.

And we all know how costly getting justice from the UK courts can be.

It has already been six years. Who is to help her and her son? Is this the Trini way now? Suffer the poor and downtrodden? Really?

Did the State appeal the rulings of the AV oil claims? Of course not.

Did the State pursue or continue the lawsuit against Malcolm Jones, who organised a so-called bad deal that cost this country almost a billion dollars? Of course not.

Good governance, really? Oh gosh, please tell me I heard wrong.


St Joseph


"Please tell me I’m wrong"

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