Lynchpin to release new album

Lynchpin will perform at Kafe Blue, Wrightson Road, Port of Spain in July. The band is also set to  release a new album in August. -
Lynchpin will perform at Kafe Blue, Wrightson Road, Port of Spain in July. The band is also set to release a new album in August. -

With an ethos of continuous evolution, a reputation for exhilarating stage shows and its signature blend of progressive death metal, deathcore and infectious groove, Lynchpin will soon be adding new material to its set list, with the recording of its third album in Montreal in August.

A media release said the band has been working on new material for several months.

Its previous two releases, God Complex and Millennial Holocaust, which were produced and recorded by Maarten Manmohan at Random Design Studios, helped Lynchpin rise to prominence. It was the first Trinidad and Tobago band to win the Wacken Caribbean Metal Battle, the first Caribbean band to play at Germany’s Wacken Festival and the first Caribbean metal band to perform in Cuba, while also exporting its brand of "Caribbean Brutality" to several other countries including Suriname, The Netherlands and Mexico, the release said.

The band is now preparing to take a further stride with its next offering. It added a second guitarist, Tristan Farfan, and is drawing from a wider variety of genres. It will also be utilising the production and recording talents of acclaimed producer Christian Donaldson, who is also the guitarist of legendary death metal group, Cryptopsy.

Lynchpin has been working on new material for several months and promises to deliver its most ambitious, heavy-hitting album yet. The decision to record abroad wasn’t easy, especially with the financial consideration, but the group determined that immersing itself in one of the global metal meccas, learning in-person from industry veterans, and benefiting from a wider array of experience and equipment was an opportunity too great to pass up, the release said.

“We always want to push ourselves. Settling for the norm is not in our DNA,” vocalist and manager Sievan Siewsarran, said in the release. “We are getting to record with one of the best metal producers in Canada and with that opportunity comes the chance to evolve further.”

The band plans to spend three weeks in Montreal working with Christian and his team to bring its vision to life. It said it know the process will be extremely challenging but it is being done with the hope that the album will help it reach a wider audience, stand as a marker of its growth thus far, and shine a spotlight on Caribbean metal, the release said.

“The new album is a complete Lynchpin experience, with many genres and influences infused into our brand of metal. I think it can be a game changer for us, especially knowing that we are going to be pushed to the maximum, and help show what Caribbean metal has to offer,” Siewsarran said.

Guitarist Gerard Ferreira added, “We are the most excited we’ve ever been about the material we’re writing; this is a higher level for us technically and musically. On top of that, we are eager to hone our songs into their best form with Christian and look forward to our fans hearing these and experiencing them live.”

With a couple months to go, Lynchpin will be feverishly finalising writing as well as getting ready for its fundraising show on July 8 at Kafe Blue, Wrightson Road, Port of Spain, which seeks to offset some of the financial outlay for its journey north.

Fans can expect to hear a mix of older songs as well as a few glimpses of what’s in store for the new album at that event.

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"Lynchpin to release new album"

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