PM's Corpus Christi message: Love is essential for well-being

Prime Minister Dr Rowley -
Prime Minister Dr Rowley -

THE Prime Minister said the world including TT needed more love, such as shown by Jesus Christ, who is remembered in the feast of Corpus Christi which is celebrated as a holiday on Thursday.

In his message for the holy day, Dr Rowley said citizens celebrated with the members of the Roman Catholic church and other Christians in the feast which acknowledges the bread and wine of the Holy Mass as a sacred representation of the Holy Eucharist, the body and blood of Jesus Christ.

"The day, for many Christians, is one of deep reflection and prayer. To them, it is like a traveller, who returns to the homeland and discovers many aspects of life that were previously missed.

"On this solemn day, some may encounter truths that were overlooked previously or may have escaped observation, during their spiritual journey – all in their search for a greater unity with the teachings of Christ."

He said it was his hope that Christians, absorbed in reflection, meditation and prayer, may come to the realisation of an inner peace which they sought.

"It is my further hope that they will then spread the message of selfless love, and that we all will come eventually to the realisation that the love which Christ preached holds the ingredient for a person’s health, prosperity, and true happiness.

"We live in a country, and a world in need of that selfless love."

He said this era cries out for the positive qualities of temperance, patience, respect, kindness, courtesy, and sincerity, to be shared as part of our daily lives.

"The events of our time call upon us to seek righteousness in our hearts, and beauty in our character, which could eventually be felt throughout our homes, spread through the nation-state of TT and added to world peace."

Rowley said all must be conscious of the fact that we hold full responsibility for our choices, our emotions, and our lives, even as God was ever present in our every action.

"Today, share hands with those who pray and share their spirit, for you, too, live in a land of hope, tremendous opportunities, and further possibilities.

"Bring that inner peace and inner joy to your life, which we celebrate today.

"Fellow citizens, may we all have a Holy Corpus Christi."

He ended by urging citizens to use the occasion to "Go, plant the land!"


"PM’s Corpus Christi message: Love is essential for well-being"

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