PM right to refuse call for election observers

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley - File photo - SUREASH CHOLAI
Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley - File photo - SUREASH CHOLAI

THE EDITOR: Allow me to comment on the refusal of Dr Rowley to accede to the request of Opposition Leader Mrs Persad-Bissessar for international observers to be present and monitor the local government election.

It is quite within her remit to make such a request. However, the reason advanced by Mrs Persad-Bissessar was both disrespectful and mischievous. To say to the Prime Minister, you would like to have these observers because you do not trust him, is beyond the pale.

It is like walking into a store and acceding to the clerk’s request to follow you around the store because she does not trust you.

What the Opposition Leader is hinting at is that she really does not trust the Elections and Boundaries Commission, since this is the body responsible for conducting, supervising and counting the votes to give an outcome of these and all elections.

Does the Opposition Leader believe there will be collusion between the Government and the commission?

In addition to all of this, and as far as I can recall, we have never had international observers for a local government election.

So to make a hue and cry about Dr Rowley’s refusal is an attempt by the Opposition and others to plant seeds of mistrust in the minds of the electorate about "Rowley," as the Opposition always addresses the Prime Minister, clearly showing little or no respect for the office-holder, Dr Rowley.

Local government elections are historically very low-key; so much so that the percentage of voter turnout clearly speaks for itself.

Had I been the prime minister, I would have listened to the request and bluntly refused because of the disrespectful, mischievous and insulting reason proffered by the Opposition Leader. To give in to such a request would be to state: "I don’t trust even myself."




"PM right to refuse call for election observers"

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