Bell tolls for UNC

Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar -
Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar -

THE EDITOR: The UNC appears to be like a punch-drunk boxer flailing wildly in the middle of the political ring as disenchanted members continue to defect.

Clearly stung by the exodus of party members, the UNC responded in a rather bizarre and limp manner. The confused party stated those who defected were told before that they would not be considered to contest seats in the local government elections. They ranted that they informed members beforehand to save them from embarrassment.

Notwithstanding their public pronouncements and in order to save face, the UNC may very well have tried to influence some of the departing councillors to return with the promise of high positions.

If one is to follow the warped logic of this party, then one would expect the majority of sitting MPs may be spared the embarrassment of not facing the screening committee when the bell for the general elections is rung.

The stumbling party studiously ignored the functions of the screening committee and probably admitted this was a farcical body anyway, set up to mislead members into feeling there would be equal opportunity for all in the selection process.

This then gives credence to the belief that decisions of the screening committee are determined only by the political leader and that other members are only for window-dressing purposes. Surely the bell tolls for the UNC!


San Fernando


"Bell tolls for UNC"

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