Cash in ATMs, please

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THE EDITOR: I need to ask if there are any staff assigned to ATM machines to ensure that cash is available to bank customers.

On too many occasions one can visit an ATM to access cash and the machine is empty. One then goes on a "bank crawl" to all ATMs in the vicinity, usually in vain.

On one occasion I ended up at Price Plaza after trying branches from Tunapuna to Valpark and at Grand Bazaar.

Could it be that having customers searching for ATMs is some banker’s way of showing who exactly is the boss in the relationship? Is the staff underpaid? Are the banks understaffed?

May I ask for all banks on this tiny island to please make efforts to have cash available in the ATMs for their customers who may not be able to perform cashless transactions?


St Joseph


"Cash in ATMs, please"

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