WASA worker sues Gran Couva woman for Facebook statements, video

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A technical officer with the Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) assigned to the central and south division is suing a Gran Couva woman for defamation for adverse statements she allegedly made about him ans the water situation in her village.

Kenneth Thomas filed the lawsuit on May 30 against Meera Algoo. It has been assigned to Justice Eleanor Donaldson-Honeywell.

In his claim, Thomas contends that Algoo made defamatory statements against him on her Facebook account in April, which were republished by other groups on the social media platform, exacerbating the effect the statements had on him.

She is also accused of posting Thomas’s photo with the accompanying statements as well as a newspaper article which featured statements by Public Utilities Minister Marvin Gonzales about WASA employees who were allegedly cutting off water supplies to certain areas to force citizens to buy truck-borne water.

Thomas’s lawsuit also says Algoo also made a video post in which she spoke disparagingly about him.

“It shall be contended that the purpose of the video is malicious and intended to affect the claimant’s reputation and job.

“The words of the defendant are unambiguous and there is no innuendo regarding her references to the claimant nor any attempt by her to hide her malicious intentions.

“She openly declares that the purpose of the post is to negatively affect the claimant.”
Thomas is represented by attorney Richard Jaggasar.


"WASA worker sues Gran Couva woman for Facebook statements, video"

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