Army assault rifle goes missing

DCP Intelligence and Investigations (Ag.) Curt Simon, right.
DCP Intelligence and Investigations (Ag.) Curt Simon, right.

THE police and Defence Force are engaged in an active hunt to recover a Galil assault rifle reported missing early on Sunday morning from Teteron Barracks, Chaguaramas, top brass told reporters later Sunday at a briefing at the Ministry of National Security, Port of Spain.

Those present were TT Regiment acting head Lt Col Ashook Singh, Chief of Defence Staff Darryl Daniel, and Deputy Police Commissioner Curt Simon, hosted by TTPS communications officer Joanne Archie.

Daniel said "something very disturbing" had just happened in the Defence Force.

Singh said at 12.30 am on Sunday, a soldier reported his rifle missing. In response the base was isolated. A preliminary and then a thorough search was conducted.

Singh said police were brought in to assist. He said the Defence Force was working with the

IATF to retrieve the rifle and bring the perpetrator to justice.
Simon assured the police would leave no stone unturned in this matter, using it's intelligence and investigative arm. He said a reward was being considered.


"Army assault rifle goes missing"

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