Black dollars also matter in Caribbean

THE EDITOR: Black Dollars Matter is a movement that aims to promote economic empowerment within the black community. While the movement originated in the US, it has since spread to other countries, including those in the Caribbean.

From a Caribbean perspective, Black Dollars Matter represents an opportunity for black-owned businesses to gain more visibility and support, both within their local communities and beyond.

Historically, black-owned businesses in the Caribbean have faced significant barriers to success, including limited access to capital, discriminatory policies, and a lack of support from mainstream institutions.

By promoting the idea that black dollars should be spent within black-owned businesses and communities, Black Dollars Matter seeks to challenge these barriers and create a more equitable economic landscape.

This can include things like promoting black-owned businesses on social media, organising pop-up markets or other events to showcase their products and services, and encouraging consumers to prioritise spending their money with black-owned businesses.

In addition to promoting economic empowerment, Black Dollars Matter also has the potential to strengthen the sense of community among black people in the Caribbean.

By supporting each other's businesses, black people can build stronger networks and create a more cohesive sense of identity and purpose.

Overall, Black Dollars Matter represents an important movement for promoting economic empowerment and community building among black people in the Caribbean.

While there are certainly challenges to overcome, the potential benefits of this movement are significant and could help to create a more equitable and prosperous future for all.


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"Black dollars also matter in Caribbean"

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