Dis Little Piggy Is Tired at Shaw Park on Saturday

Leslie Ann Lavine as Lily, left and Andrew Friday as Soloman in a scene from Dis Little Piggy is Tired. -
Leslie Ann Lavine as Lily, left and Andrew Friday as Soloman in a scene from Dis Little Piggy is Tired. -

Get ready for a night of non-stop laughter and unforgettable entertainment as RS/RR Productions brings their audience-acclaimed hit comedy, Dis Little Piggy Is Tired, to Shaw Park on June 3.

A media release from the theatre company said, “the time has finally come for Tobago to be included as part of the company’s theatre circuit experience with the grand finale of the play everyone is talking about after months of sold-out shows across Trinidad.”

Andrew Friday as Solomon, left and Kala Neehal as Maria in a scene from Dis Little Piggy is Tired. -

This side-splitting comedy unravels the story of a cunning yet charming womaniser in the midst of a bitter divorce.

With his irresistible charisma, he continues to cast his seductive net, desperately hoping to find a new catch. But has he finally met his match? And why is he on his knees, begging for mercy?

Be prepared for unexpected twists and turns that will leave you roaring with laughter.

Any resemblance to real people and events is purely coincidental, or is it?

The play is directed by Richard Ragoobarsingh and Debra Boucaud Mason and is written by Ricardo Samuel with costuming by Sean Edwards and lighting by Celia Wells.

The talented ensemble cast includes Andrew Friday, Leslie Ann Lavine, Zo Mari Tanker, Kala Neehal, Jayron “Rawkus” Remy, and Benita Wilson.

Friday and Neehal have made their mark in the theatre and film industry with their exceptional talent and dedication to their craft, the release said.

Neehal, who plays Maria in the play, has shared the stage and screen with some of the most well-known names in theatre, including the late Raymond Choo Kong, Trinidad Theatre Workshop, NDATT, and The Baggasse Company. She was also part of the cast of the award-nominated film, Mightier Dan De Sun, at the 2020 TT Film Festival.

Friday, who plays Solomon in the production, has been praised for his captivating performances. He was lauded for his role as Annas Diaz in RS/RR’s Greedy People and his comic timing and presence in Dis Little Piggy is Tired, is leaving audiences in uncontrollable laughter, the release said.

A scene from Dis Little Piggy is Tired which will be staged at Shaw Park on Saturday. -

Lavine plays Lily, a psychologist. Lavine made her acting debut with RS/RR Productions in the box office hit Men Are Dogs written by Samuel. Even though her performance as Ruth Agostini in that play was her first as an actress, her incredulous talent was recognised and she was awarded a Cacique Award for Best Supporting Actress.

Lavine then went on to perform many lead and supporting roles and has become a standout talent as an actress in such plays as Bailout, Eat Ah Food, The Prime Minister’s Speech, Looking For Mr Big, Hotel21, The Naughty Minister, The Biggest Macco, Things People Do For Money, and Ladies’ Room, among others, the release said.

Tickets are now available at various locations across Tobago, including Shaw Park Complex, Jade Monkey Bar on Milford Road, Yellow Butterfly Studios and Art Gallery on Milford Road, Scarborough, and Pablos Supermarket in Roxborough.

For further info call RS/RR Productions at 338-6024 and 744-7581.


"Dis Little Piggy Is Tired at Shaw Park on Saturday"

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