People, stop trading votes for meagre rewards

THE EDITOR: I cannot help but express my concern regarding some pressing issues with the ruling party. However, I hope my observations are not perceived as an attack on the PNM.

The PNM is widely considered a national party with its core support coming from people of African descent, who have backed the party since its inception. Despite boasting about the revolution it brought to education, it is disheartening to note that not a single multi-millionaire has been created among the party's main supporters of African descent.

Furthermore, the party is entirely reliant on a small percentage of society for its campaign funding and there seems to be no desire to change this any time soon. No man can serve two masters, no amount of lobbying can change this long-standing tradition.

The current PNM is unlikely to make any significant changes to a structure that has served it well for years, and this will not bring any meaningful change to those who have been loyal party supporters for generations.

I am not advocating blind support for any opposition entity, but we must stop trading our votes for meagre rewards. As a community we need to demand that anyone seeking our support must agree to terms and conditions that address the issue of economic opportunities for people of African descent, including access to capital and land to create economic wealth within our community.


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"People, stop trading votes for meagre rewards"

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